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A selection of the forms taught in the Fu style internal system.

"Resonate and then advance; advance and then resonate. If this is discriminated clearly, then one may speak of skill" Yu Dayou Sword Classic (1565).

Tai chi, Fu Style (3rd section)

Liang Yi Chuan by Fu Wen Long (Grandson of Fu Chen Sung)

Pa kwa dragon palm by Liang Qiang Ya (student of Fu Chen Sung)

H'sing Yi (Xing Yi Quan) Five Elements Fist by Chen Liang

Pa kwa dragon palm by Victor Fu (Grandson of Fu Chen Sung)

Dragon palm push hands (2 person set)

Fu Style Tai Chi Quan 傅式太極拳 郭金成 Jincheng Guo

Weapons clips:

Plum flower spear

"Kill enemy" broadsword

Four sides spear 四面槍 & pa kwa (from

Seven star sword

"Flying dragon" sword (extract)

Fu Meilan and Fu Meiqin Flying Dragon sword

Bow Sim Mark: sword exercises

Pa kwa staff

Pa kwa spear

Pa kwa broadsword

Other misc. clips

Bow Sim Mark's: combined internal form

Ssu Hsiang Ch'uan (Four Harmonies Fist)

Lin Chaozhen 林朝珍 leopard form

Ba Ji Ch'uan

Fu style tai chi "lightning palm"

Victor Fu performing h'sing yi ch'uan

Other pa kwa clips:

Fu Style Pa Kua Applications by Johnny Lee

Fu style "yin" palm (without the circle walking between movements)

"Yang" palm

Pa kwa chin na (joint-locks)

Assorted forms

DVDs, VCDs & books about these forms available from:

  • Victor Fu ("3rd generation" Fu style)
  • Bow Sim Mak
  • Johhny (Kwong Ming) Lee

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