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Clips of other styles

"Ruthlessness is the first word in the song of the White Crane." Traditional poem from White Crane kung fu.

"Tai chi is the art of concealing the hard within the soft: like a needle wrapped in cotton." Yang Cheng Fu.

Yang Style tai chi

Yang Style by William Yeung

Sun Style tai chi

Sun Style by William Yeung (Fu family lineage)

Hao Style (A.K.A "Wu/Hao style) tai chi

Hao style by Hao Shao Ru

Wu Style tai chi

Traditional form

Extract showing characteristic leaning; and sword form

Wu Style ("manchurian Wu") tai chi

The other Wu style (Manchurian Wu)

Chen Style tai chi

Chen style by Keming Liang Chen style by Lei Mu Ni

Chen tai chi (Pao Chui) - Feng Zhiqiang

Tai chi push hands

Note: Push hands is a training tool designed to train sensitivity to the other person's movements and intention, not as a contest.

Traditional Yang style push hands

Taiji Tui shou - Fu Sheng Yuan I

Hao Shao Ru (Hao style)

Fa Jing "expressed force"

Fu Zhongwen - fa jing, Yang style

Pa Qua Chang (Eight directions palm) ....AKA baguazhang

Cheng style performed by Yang Fui Kuei

Liu Zhiqing (1885-1986), performs broadsword

Lu Zijian, empty hand and double broadsword forms

Shu Guazhang

Shaolin Kung Fu

Wushu Eagle Claw Old School Style (Ying Zhao Quan)

Taizu fist by Ren Qiang (ancestor to Chen style)

Shaolin long fist (a more distant ancestor of Chen style tai chi)

Huang Sheng Shuan performs White Crane (ancestor of karate)

Huang Xingxian (1910-1992) - White Crane

Iron Wire Palm (high-level Shaolin)

H'sing yi ch'uan (xing yi quan)

The 5 elements

2 person set

Sha Guozheng (1904-1992)


Chen Liang Flying Dragon Tiger Staff

Master Bow Sim Mark: Tai Chi Broadsword

Li Tianji performs the Wudang sword 2 person set

Three Harmonies Sword & Three Skills Sword

Yang style 2 person sticking staff exercise

Other assorted clips

Liu He Ba Fa (6 harmonies, 8 methods) (Developed from the principles of tai chi, h'sing yi, and pa qua)

Five animal frolics

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