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This list of forms was originally published on (no longer online).

Fu's tai chi System

  • Tai chi ch'uan **
  • Tai chi push hands
  • Tai chi lightning palm
  • Tai chi lightning fist

    Pa Kwa Chang (Baguazhang) forms

  • Yin pa kwa (emphasizes the soft)
  • Yang pa kwa (emphasizes the hard)
  • Pa kwa dragon palm
  • Pa kwa linking legs
  • Pa kwa linking legs (2 person set)
  • Pa kwa dragon palm push hands

    Weapon forms

  • Seven star sword
  • Wu Tang flying dragon sword
  • Wu Tang random chop sword
  • Green dragon double sword
  • Pa kwa broadsword
  • Pa kwa cyclone broadsword
  • Pa kwa double broadsword
  • Pa kwa green dragon sword
  • "Kill enemy" broadsword
  • Green dragon broadsword
  • Pa kwa spear
  • Pa kwa double head spear
  • Pa kwa push spear
  • Four side spear
  • Plum flower spear
  • Stand immortal spear
  • Pa kwa special gate staff
  • Two joint staff
  • Three joint staff
  • Head height staff

    Fu's other forms

  • Chung fung ch'uan (Attack Fist)
  • Immortal palm
  • Liang yi ch'uan (Yin Yang Boxing)
  • Ssu hsiang ch'uan (4 Emblem Fist)
  • H'sing yi ch'uan - linking form (links the 5 elements and 12 animals forms)
  • Gong li ch'uan
  • Tiger ch'uan
  • Leopard ch'uan
  • Ba ji ch'uan

    Example of a pa kwa curriculum : curriculm.bmp

    ** Fu Chen Sung also taught Sun style and Yang style tai chi, to compliment the forms he devised. Although he knew Chen style, he did not normally teach it. Fu style tai chi uses Yang style as a base, and containing elements of Yang, Chen, and Sun styles of tai chi, as well as pa kwa, with movements balanced on left and right.

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