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Scientific research on tai chi

Tai chi boosts immunity (National Institutes of Health / UCLA)

Tai chi enhances tactile acuity (Harvard Medical School)

Enhanced sleep stability (Harvard Medical School)

Tai chi improves balance (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)

Improvements in blood glucose levels in diabetics (Beijing University)

Standing balance of people with chronic stroke (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Effects of tai chi on spatial awareness of the body (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Tai chi augments treatment of depression (UCLA)

Tai Chi and traumatic brain injury - preliminary evidence (Massey University)

Tai chi has a significant positive effect on the blood adiponectin, a hormone that modulates a number of metabolic processes (Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, Taiwan)

Improved hand-eye co-ordination of long-term tai chi practitioners (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

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