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Articles & pa kwa documents

HK magazine Fu style article no. 1

HK magazine Fu style article no. 2

Other articles from Smiling Tiger

Interview with Lin Chao Zhen

Other pics

Chinese Fu style site by Gordon Kwong

Other Fu style sites


Pa Qua Zhang

Plum publications: CD ROM of the Pa Qwa Chang Journal

Fu Wing Fai's book on dragon-shaped pa kwa (in english)

About pa kwa (Frank Granfontvski's site)

H'sing Yi Ch'uan

H'sing I Journal

Plum Publications about h'sing yi ch'uan

H'sing Yi book

WuDang sword (jian)

Sun style (Fu was friends with Sun Lu Tan and Yang Cheng Fu, they all exchanged knowledge)

Tai chi

Book on tai chi chuan martial applications

The true transmission of Yang style tai chi (in Perth, Australia):

Nanjing Central Martial Arts Academy

Articles on internal styles

The 7 stars

History of Shaolin

More history of Shaolin and Karate

Duck Fist Kung Fu

Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Origins of the tai chi sword forms

About pa kwa chang

The Boxer Rebellion>

Sun Yat Sen

Hong Kong pa kwa links

Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands


History of Daoism

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